Our products are suitable for a wide range of hydrogen powered vehicles

NanoSUN Applications
Hydrogen Buses
Bus refill times similar to fixed hydrogen refuelling stations with the added advantage of no delay between vehicles.
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Hydrogen Vans
Refill hydrogen dual fuel delivery vans at least 40 times and cut CO2 emissions by less than 1/3 of a conventional diesel van.
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Hydrogen Trucks
Service up to 6 hydrogen powered heavy-duty trucks and benefit from high operational flexibility, allowing for long-haul deliveries.
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Material Handling
Hydrogen Material Handling
Refuel Material Handling Equipment trucks at least 450 times - quickly and inexpensively.
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Hydrogen Construction
Refuel hydrogen powered equipment and benefit from mobile and stationary applications in a silent and zero carbon world.
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Hydrogen Backup Solutions
Link hydrogen producers and end users right now, ahead of a necessary future fixed infrastructure.
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