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The Pioneer offers a low-cost hydrogen refuelling solution!


Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station

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NanoSUN’s innovative mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) offers a low-cost path to delivery of transportation grade fuel to the point of use, where it is directly dispensed into hydrogen powered vehicles - efficiently, safely and fast!

The mobile Pioneer HRS offers local distribution as a fundamental factor in building an effective hydrogen fuel infrastructure and facilitating hydrogen mobility.

Providing an on-site refuelling solution to a wide range of applications, from fuelling small hydrogen vehicle fleets to acting as a reliable back-up solution, the Pioneer also offers a much needed, low-cost interim answer to costly fixed hydrogen refuelling stations until the point that sufficient scale is reached, and a fixed HRS is needed.

Centralised hydrogen production at scale is increasingly recognised as a key to reducing costs. The Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station unlocks the full value of this cost benefit by eliminating duplication of costly machinery at the refuelling point.

Find out how the mobile Pioneer compares against a traditional fixed refuelling station to offer an economic hydrogen refuelling solution for small and introductory hydrogen vehicle fleets here, or contact us now for more information.


Take a Closer Look

at the mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station

Find out how the Pioneer

addresses the challenges faced within hydrogen refuelling and assists in facilitating hydrogen as the core replacement to fossil fuel.

See how the Pioneer

is easily transportable to any location, with a straightforward set-up and easy to use innovative design, promising minimal preparation and a simple refuelling process.

Pioneer Low-Cost Hydrogen Value Chain

The Pioneer enables a hydrogen value chain that offers the perfect path to the lowest total cost for hydrogen fuel.

  • Production - In a low-cost hydrogen value chain, complex chemical operations take place at a large hydrogen plant. Operators of these include oil and gas majors, industrial gas producers or new entrants. Eventually all hydrogen fuel will be produced from renewable, green sources.

  • Preparation - At the large hydrogen plant, Pioneer stations are filled with hydrogen fuel at the correct conditions of pressure and quantity.
  • Distribution – Full Pioneer stations are transported to the point of use; similar to how diesel or gasoline is distributed today.
  • Consumption - At point of use, users drive their hydrogen powered vehicles up to the Pioneer station, connect the fuelling hose and initiate automated refuelling via a simple push button user interface. The Pioneer will instruct the operator when refuelling is complete and when it is safe to disconnect the fuelling hose.
  • Replenishment - Once empty, the Pioneer station is replaced with a full unit and returned for refilling. In the future, all road transport will be done by hydrogen trucks for zero emissions.
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Based on an industry standard intermodal (ISO) 20ft container, the Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station incorporates NanoSUN’s proprietary multi-stage cascade refuelling system. A fully integrated, hydrogen storage, transportation and dispensing solution, it provides the answer to mobile and in-field refuelling, with fast deployment directly to any desired location.


Fast To Deploy,

no on-board compression and high reliability!

Why the Pioneer?

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Low Cost

Capital cost is significantly lower than a fixed hydrogen refuelling station, as no compressor is required at the point of delivery.


Requires no fixed utilities (power, water etc.) making the Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station an ideal solution for in-field and mobile refuelling. Simple and intuitive design facilitating rapid deployment.  

Inherent Reliability

Mobile nature enables units to back each other up, resulting in a more reliable refuelling network.

  • Fast to Deploy
  • Low CapEx enables small fleets
  • No on-board compression – high reliability
  • Easily scalable

For more information on NanoSUN's Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station, get in touch now!

Easily Scalable,
offering low CapEx to enable small fleets

The Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station

is suitable for a wide range of applications
Technical Downloads

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Pioneer HRS Brochure

Pioneer Features, Refuelling Technology and Performance Information

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Pioneer HRS Technical Data Sheet

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Pioneer HRS Refuelling Information

Product Features and Refuelling Times

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