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NanoSUN Address Challenges of Hydrogen Refuelling at SHFCA Event

NanoSUN Address Challenges of Hydrogen Refuelling at SHFCA Event
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NanoSUN Address Challenges of Hydrogen Refuelling at SHFCA Event

NanoSUN Hydrogen Vehicles

Today, our Commercial Director Joined the Hydrogen Fleets and Logistics Opportunities Webinar. The event was organised by the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association in partnership with Gillespie MacAndrew. Focusing on logistics vehicle fleets, we heard from speakers presenting topics ranging from the political drivers of carbon reductions through to the end user’s needs.

We learnt that the Scottish Government has issued a policy statement targeting a 5GW hydrogen production capacity by 2030, an ambition bigger than Germany. It was clear that the reported pace of transition is much faster than expected.

A recent study undertaken by Aberdeen City Council and partners looked at a combined vehicle fleet numbering 4,093 vehicles. The analysis of current vehicle operations showed that 89% of the fleet were compatible with zero emission solutions (EV and hydrogen solutions considered). Whilst this analysis established that Battery EVs could look to address 57% of the fleet, it revealed that Hydrogen solutions could be used for the entire fleet, with a subset of 32% that could only be addressed through hydrogen.

Highlighted was the challenge of hydrogen refuelling. A significant portion of the studied fleet were 30 to 50 km vehicles from current hydrogen refuelling infrastructures. NanoSUN’s Commercial Director addressed the challenges faced by operators of hydrogen fuelled vehicles; how will they refuel the vehicles, what are the challenges of scale associated with fixed H₂ stations, and how NanoSUN's Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station overcomes these challenges.

The Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station has combined volume storage, transportation and dispensing in a single ISO container to offer the perfect solution for small vehicle fleets or an interim step to larger vehicle fleets. The solution was welcomed by the audience of over 100 interested parties who had registered and joined the event. Participants raised questions around the speed of the system to deploy, which of course is inherently fast due to the unit being mobile and requiring very little site preparation. Offering a low-cost path to delivery of transportation grade fuel to the point of use, the Pioneer is an ideal choice in a future where Hydrogen is the clear energy vector for logistics vehicle fleets.

Find out more on the Pioneer or contact us as info@nanosun.co.uk

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