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NanoSUN Attend KTN Off Highway Webinar & Workshop

NanoSUN Attend KTN Off Highway Webinar & Workshop
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NanoSUN attend KTN Off Highway Webinar & Workshop

NanoSUN Pioneer HRS Applications - Construction Vehicles

Yesterday, NanoSUN attended KTN’s Hydrogen Economy and Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network’s Webinar & Workshop to present the mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station as the answer to delivering low-cost hydrogen fuel to the Construction Industry.

Focused on Zero Carbon Off-Highway solutions, KTN hosted a webinar to over 70 participants in the Construction, Defence and Agriculture sectors. They presented the various marketing opportunities and challenges faced within the industry, followed with a workshop that allowed battery, hydrogen and hybrid solution providers to showcase their innovative solutions.  

With the aim to connect ideas, people and communities, the interactive workshop enabled hydrogen-focused companies to network with proactive members within the industry. This allowed an opportunity to jointly identify the technical needs of off-highway applications and gain insights into the various technology concepts and products available.

The technical challenges raised included the general awareness of the solutions, difficulty knowing which solutions to choose, and the risks associated with the various options available. The workshop then looked at the ongoing innovative activity that would help to answer these challenges within the different sectors and, finally, a gap analysis of what work needs to be done moving forward.

Lee Juby, NanoSUN Commercial Director, joined the panellists for the webinar and presented the benefits of the mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station to various key movers across the three sectors. The Pioneer enables rapid deployment for small vehicle fleets and being mobile it can be redeployed easily. A fully mobile, self-contained, hydrogen refuelling solution that can be quickly transported to any location for hydrogen storage and dispensing, the Pioneer HRS allows for the low-cost refuelling of heavy-duty construction vehicles directly at the construction site.

The construction industry is increasingly looking for alternatives to diesel powered equipment including heavy machinery, generators and lighting, with hydrogen solutions quickly becoming a leading option due to its ability to allow operations in restricted noise or air quality environments.

NanoSUN presents Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station

The Pioneer HRS requires no compressor at the point of dispensing. It operates using the cascade filling solution which means that the unit requires no high-power utilities at the point of deployment. There is no requirement for a high-power source to operate the station and no large polluting diesel generator to be hidden around the back.

This past month, NanoSUN have been busy presenting the features and benefits of its mobile Pioneer hydrogen refuelling station to key players within the H₂ community. With the systems mobile design enabling rapid deployment, very little site preparation and inherent reliability, NanoSUN highlighted how the Pioneer is able to meet the specific decarbonisation challenges of the construction sector and encourage the adoption of hydrogen across the globe.

The workshop was an excellent opportunity to hear the voice of the customer and for NanoSUN to highlight the solution that the mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station can provide.

Thanks to the team at KTN for organising a really successful event.

Find out more on the complete Pioneer Solution or contact us at info@nanosun.co.uk

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