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NanoSUN Launches New Hydrogen Cooling Technology

NanoSUN Launches New Hydrogen Cooling Technology
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NanoSUN Launches New Hydrogen Cooling Technology

NanoSUN Launch Hydrogen Cooling Technology

NanoSUN is pleased to announce the launch of its new hydrogen cooling technology to deliver a reliable, low-cost, cooling solution for operators of hydrogen transport vehicles and static hydrogen refuelling stations.

Hydrogen is increasingly being acknowledged as a green energy source for decarbonising the heavy-duty transport sector. However, scale-up and consistent refuelling of hydrogen vehicles currently requires expensive cooling technology.

In 2021, NanoSUN were awarded 170k of funding by the Department of Transport in partnership with Innovate UK, to design and develop an alternative cooling process for rapid refuelling of hydrogen road freight vehicles. NanoSUN‘s Research & Development team have since devised a cost-effective and appropriate cooling solution to support the delivery of an efficient and reliable refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen vehicles.  

NanoSUN's new Coolth Engine technology differs from conventional mechanical refrigeration methods, in that it offers operators an eco-friendly solution that is always ready to go; requiring zero downtime. This enables the delivery of consecutive vehicle refuelling operations, whilst eliminating large power usage to reduce energy costs and limit the impact of global warming.

Conventional approaches to cooling hydrogen are either very slow to fill vehicle tanks or require a chiller, which are energy intensive and expensive. Current methods are therefore problematic, in that they are operationally unfavourable and undermine the benefit of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) over long charging battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

NanoSUN’s novel Coolth Engine technology tackles this issue by eliminating the need for moving parts & the operating costs of conventional chillers. Presenting a low-cost, low-maintenance option that facilitates fast hydrogen refuels for the end user.

This May, the team were delighted to complete a successful demonstration of the new Coolth Engine for Innovate UK, with the technology now ready for use in the hydrogen and transportation markets.

Dean O’Connor, NanoSUN’s CEO, commented: “if we are to develop a reliable hydrogen refuelling infrastructure end users can rely on, it’s crucial that we deliver a more desirable cooling method that operators of refuelling stations can confidently utilise at a lower cost. NanoSUN’s ability to deliver this new, eco-friendly solution, demonstrates the team’s continuous expertise and drive dedicated to supporting the transportation industry in transitioning to a green future.”

Michael Fritchley, Impact and Performance Manager, at Innovate UK, said: “developing technology for the rapid refuelling of hydrogen vehicles is essential to decarbonise the heavy-duty transport sector. This project takes an important step in achieving this, by demonstrating a cost-effective, innovative cooling solution which enhances the process of H₂ refuelling. Innovate UK is proud to have supported this project in partnership with the Department for Transport”

Contact NanoSUN now for more information on the Coolth Engine Technology.


NanoSUN is a world leading, award-winning, engineering company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialisation of mobile hydrogen refuelling solutions for use within the Transportation Industry. From Industrial Gases to Transport and Mobility sectors, we aim to accelerate hydrogen use with our innovative technologies by bridging the gap between the hydrogen supply industry and the needs of end users for convenient, low cost, simple-to-use and safe fuelling systems.


Innovate UK is the UK’s Innovation agency and supports business-led innovation in all sectors, technologies, and UK regions. Innovate UK’s mission is to help UK businesses grow through the development and commercialisation of new products, processes, and services.

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