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Pioneer HRS Demos Rapid Hydrogen Vehicle Refuelling at IAA Mobility.

Pioneer HRS Demos Rapid Hydrogen Vehicle Refuelling at IAA Mobility.
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Pioneer HRS Demos Rapid Hydrogen Vehicle Refuelling at IAA Mobility

NanoSUN Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS)
Westfalen CEO Dr Thomas Perkman and NanoSUN CEO Dean O'Connor

This week the NanoSUN team are present at IAA Mobility in Munich, supporting our partners, Westfalen Group, with the deployment of the mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station.

IAA Mobility is the world’s largest mobility event of the year bringing together more than 1,000 exhibitors and speakers to present a wide range of automobiles and transport solutions focusing on innovative technology and climate protection. Providing a meeting place for manufacturers and suppliers to technology companies, mobility service providers, local public transport, and start-ups, the event brings together Europe’s leading innovators and key players from the mobility industry to offer visitors the opportunity to see intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions.

As Germany’s first large scale event after lockdown, the first few days have been extremely busy with considerable interest in hydrogen as a key energy vector for zero emission transportation. The NanoSUN and Westfalen engineering team have been answering technical questions and demonstrating the efficient operation of the Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station. Together, showing visitors from around the world how easily and quickly the Pioneer system can be deployed and operated.

A low-cost, mobile hydrogen vehicle refuelling station, the Pioneer HRS uniquely combines the features of volume gas storage, gas transportation and end use vehicle dispensing in a single ISO container. Offering local distribution of hydrogen grade fuel directly to hydrogen vehicle fleets at any location and delivering a crucial requirement to kick-start hydrogen vehicle take-up.

Playing a key role in the event, the Pioneer has been actively refuelling the event’s hydrogen powered shuttle buses, allowing for visitors, guests, and the public to be transported between various prominent event locations in Munich. Due to its cascade technology and efficient refuelling capability, each shuttle is currently being fully refuelled with hydrogen in around 15 minutes, enabling transport operations to operate continuously with no disruption.

Also present at the event is NanoSUN’s CEO, Dean O’Connor and NanoSUN’s Commercial Director, Lee Juby. O’Connor and Juby are meeting with users and potential customers throughout the week to explain how the mobile Pioneer is a significantly lower capital cost than traditional fixed hydrogen refuelling stations. Further highlighting how the Pioneer enables the rapid deployment of demonstration hydrogen vehicle fleets and offers a viable low-cost, ongoing refuelling solution for small to medium sized vehicle fleets.

Talking at the event Dean O’Connor commented, “The vehicle refuelling service provided at the show by Westfalen Group using NanoSUN’s Pioneer station, has demonstrated how rapid deployment of hydrogen refuelling can be achieved in the transportation and mobility sectors. The experience underlines the flexible multi-role nature of the Pioneer providing volume hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation and hydrogen dispensing in a single easy to use package”

Dr Thomas Perkman, Westfalen Group's CEO, commented "With our mobile hydrogen refuelling station, we offer a complete 350bar solution for refuelling all types of vehicles. Our system is robust, safe, cost-efficient, flexible and easy to use."


Founded in 2017 by veterans of the industrial gases and hydrogen fuel-cell industries, NanoSUN is a world leading, award-winning, engineering company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialisation of its hydrogen refuelling products. Our novel cascade solutions are used to refuel multiple hydrogen powered applications, whereby high pressure, mobile and cost-effective hydrogen storage, distribution and dispensing solutions are provided to customers in the Oil & Gas, Industrial Gases and Transport sectors.


The Westfalen Group is an energy sector technology company operating with numerous subsidiaries and associates in Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Switzerland. The family business, founded in 1923 has over 20 production sites across Europe and is headquartered in Münster. Its business sectors are gases, energy supply and service stations. With almost 1,800 employees, the Westfalen Group posted sales of around 1.6 billion euros in the 2020 financial year.

For more information on the Pioneer, check out the complete Pioneer Solution.

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