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Pioneer HRS to refuel Wrightbus’ Hydrogen Bus Ahead of COP26

Pioneer HRS to refuel Wrightbus’ Hydrogen Bus Ahead of COP26
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Pioneer HRS to refuel Wrightbus’ Hydrogen Bus Ahead of COP26

NanoSUN are delighted to announce the Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) as the selected hydrogen refuelling solution to carry out not one, but two refuels of the world's first hydrogen double-deck bus on its UK Hydrogen Roadshow.

Three pioneering companies, INEOS, Wrightbus and Ryze Hydrogen began their UK Hydrogen Roadshow event this week to raise awareness about hydrogen and the various H2 applications available. A world’s first hydrogen double-deck bus, developed by Wrightbus, is making its way from London up to Glasgow ready for display at the UK’s largest Climate Change Conference beginning on 31st October2021. Throughout its journey, it will be visiting 11 UK partners to present a range of world-changing innovations, highlighting the nation’s dedication to reducing emissions and tackling climate change.

In the mission to demonstrate the crucial role hydrogen is playing in decarbonising transport, NanoSUN’s mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station has specifically made its way back home after a successful summer roadshow of demonstrations across Germany, to support the event with hydrogen refuelling and ensure the double-deck bus reaches its destination ready for COP26.

The mobile Pioneer will carry out two hydrogen refuels of the hydrogen bus in one day, with the initial refuel scheduled to take place at NanoSUN’s Green Hydrogen Farm based in Lancaster, where the NanoSUN team will highlight to invited guests a vital example of UK manufacturing that is playing a key role in the transition to a low carbon economy.

Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station

The NanoSUN team will then quickly decommission the Pioneer HRS on site and follow the roadshow up to a second location in Gretna, where it will carry out another refuel of the hydrogen bus without the need for any power facilities; showcasing its mobile nature and its low-cost ability to provide rapid hydrogen distribution and dispensing at any desired location. Proving to be an essential tool in supporting the hydrogen bus on its 416-mile drive across the UK in 5-days, the Pioneer HRS will play a key role in the roadshow’s aim to save thousands of Kg of CO2 by not using fossil fuels.

NanoSUN’s participation in the event emphasises the lack of fixed hydrogen refuelling stations in the UK and validates the Pioneer HRS as a much-needed refuelling solution in unlocking the UK’s hydrogen economy; facilitating the introduction of hydrogen vehicles fleets to enable more H₂ vehicles on the road.

To find out more on the UK Hydrogen Roadshow, visit the dedicated site here.

For more information on NanoSUN’s Mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station, take a look at complete Pioneer Solution.

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