Westfalen AG Demo Pioneer HRS to Germany’s Ministry of Transport


Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station Demonstration
Pioneer Demonstration - © StMWi/E. Neureuther

Last week our partner Westfalen AG presented one of NanoSUN’s mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Stations to demonstrate a local hydrogen concept at the final meeting of the German project HyAllgäu. Taking place at the Kempten University of Applied Sciences in the climate protected region Allgäu in southern Bavaria, Germany, the event was hailed as a ‘starting point for a new component of the energy transition in the Allgäu: the hydrogen economy’.

Since 2019, as part of a feasibility study, the HyAllgäu project has been focused on plans for the Allgäu to produce and utilise 1,000 metric tons of hydrogen within a year. Funded by the National Investment Program for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP II) of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, the study aimed to generate sufficient hydrogen for the operation of buses, trucks, cars and trains, to understand how hydrogen can be used to assist in the globe’s energy transition and regional economic development.

In parallel, a study has also been undertaken by local stakeholders, led by Bioenergie Allgäu GmbH, whereby joint interaction between key players within the European region estimated the total potential of green hydrogen from the Allgäu at circa 1,000 tons of green hydrogen per year. This delivering the operation of around 200 hydrogen buses and hydrogen trucks with a total mileage of around 8 million kilometres per year.  

HyAllgäu Event
HyAllgäu Event - © StMWi/E. Neureuther

Having delivered positive results, the outcomes and possibilities of both studies were presented at the German conference, where the Minister of State, Hubert Aiwanger, local German politician Ms. Indra Baier-Müller and various other prestigious members such as the Mayor Thomas Kiechle and the president of Kempton University were all in attendance. It was highlighted that green hydrogen can be produced at competitive prices, making it possible to convert Allgäu energy into a tradable good. Proving that a local economic cycle can be created through the on-site use of hydrogen or direct delivery to users like public buses.

As part of the presentation, attendees also received a demonstration of the Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station refuelling a hydrogen bus (350bar) developed by the Belgian Bus Supplier Van Hool, whereby Vice Minister Aiwanger commented “An idea becomes reality. Now we need to make these techniques ready for series production and use them to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy without ruining our economy" (Twitter, @HubertAiwanger, 29/07/2021).

NanoSUN are currently working in partnership with Westfalen AG to bring the mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station to market in Germany and look forward to its next stop on its journey across the country.

Find out more information on the Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling station take a look at NanoSUN's complete Pioneer Solution below.

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