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Achieving a cleaner, greener future via the power of hydrogen



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Together we can achieve a cleaner, greener future via the power of hydrogen

In the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and meet net-zero by 2030, hydrogen and hydrogen refuelling technology has become a leading solution to decarbonising the transport sector.

Working together, we can make hydrogen transportation a reality.

In collaboration with others, NanoSUN aims to enhance existing hydrogen refuelling methods and introduce new hydrogen technologies to deliver an efficient and low-cost hydrogen refuelling infrastructure the transport industry can depend on.

As a key player within the hydrogen industry, NanoSUN has established vital partnerships and has received considerable backing from the UK government. Collaborating on numerous projects, we have been awarded with valuable funding from prestigious organisations across the UK and Europe looking to support innovative hydrogen refuelling solutions.

Take a look at some of our innovative projects!

Our Innovative Projects
Delivering hydrogen technology for a better future

New Hydrogen Cooling Technology

Delivering a new, reliable and cost-effective method for cooling hydrogen, in collaboration with Innovate UK.

Mobile Hydrogen Refuelling Enhanced

Pioneer Mobile Hydrogen Refuelling Station innovation, development and scale-up with EIC Accelerator Programme.

Red Diesel Replacement

Transitioning off-road vehicles away from red diesel with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Dedicated to Net-Zero

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NanoSUN is an active advocate for sustainability and looking after our environment. To help tackle the impact of climate change and reduce our GHG emissions, we are committed to transitioning to low-carbon processes internally and externally. In our mission to prevent air pollution, we have pledged to participate in a number of new decarbonisation initiatives and projects launched by governments and numerous organisations within the UK and across Europe.

EIC-EIT Climate-KIC Race to Net-zero

Working together with the European Innovation Council (EIC), EIT Climate-KIC helps businesses to understand, measure and forecast their products or services to mitigate climate change. NanoSUN has committed to a five-month programme, whereby we are currently working directly with climate and life-cycle-assessment experts to determine the GHG emissions produced throughout the development, use and lifetime of our Pioneer Mobile Hydrogen Refuelling Stations.

Results to date...

Considering best and worst-case scenarios around green/blue hydrogen and utilisation rates of a Pioneer HRS, the lifecycle assessment demonstrates that:

Pioneer HRS reduces emissions

We are continuing to analyse our carbon footprint drivers closely and develop specific actions to further reduce emissions.

Race to Net-zero with SME Climate Hub

Launched in 2021, the SME Climate Hub is a global initiative dedicated to supporting SME’s reduce emissions in line with We Mean Business Coalition, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, the United Nations Race to Zero Campaign and the International Chamber of Commerce. NanoSUN have signed up to the programme pledging to halve its emissions by 2030. To achieve this, we have calculated our carbon footprint, which has highlighted key areas where our emissions are coming from along with actions we can take to reduce them. We are now dedicated to working towards a number of set green goals to make reductions across all three scopes of emissions – scope 1: direct emissions from the company (i.e. from fuels burnt on site), scope 2: indirect emissions from purchased electricity and scope 3: all other indirect emissions.

The journey so far...

The dashboard below displays NanoSUN's progress on the road to net zero as we aim to half the intensity of our emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. The data shown delivers a summary of NanoSUN’s associated emissions over the past 12 months (July 2021 – July 2022).

dashboard showing project at nanosun for hydrogen installation for mobile hydrogen storage

Dashboard published December 2022

Summary of current findings

Scope 1 - emissions directly produced by the company:
  • Due to the growing size of the company, NanoSUN's total emissions have increased since 2021. This can be seen within the left side of the dashboard.
  • NanoSUN has recently introduced a EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme for all employees and regularly encourages our Cycle to Work Scheme.
Scope 2 - emissions associated with the purchase of energy:
  • NanoSUN has direct control over the purchase and usage of electricity at each of its facilities. However, the emissions associated are produced offsite.
  • NanoSUN's market-based scope 2 emissions are zero since we purchase all our electricity from a 100% green tariff. However, since our electricity usage is received from the grid, our location-based emissions must still be accounted for.
  • Looking at business travel, the majority of NanoSUN's emissions are from air travel and ICE cars.
Scope 3 - emissions from activities not owned or controlled by the company:
  • NanoSUN's largest area for improvement are the emissions associated with purchased goods and services. We are currently working closely with our existing suppliers to understand how we can reduce these emissions moving forward.

NanoSUN will regularly update the above dashboard to deliver transparency on its associated emissions as we continue to analyse our carbon footprint drivers and carry out further action to reduce emissions.

Encompassing a green culture
NanoSUN are dedicated to creating a green culture in the work place; for our own team we actively encourage a sustainable lifestyle both within and outside of work.

We are committed to first and foremost reducing our emissions as a business, as we recognise that this is essential to properly minimise our climate impact rather than relying heavily on offsetting. However, we also avidly encourage our employees to think about their individual impact on the environment and take up eco-friendly practices.

We therefore encourage our employees to make their commute eco-friendly; promoting public transport and to actively use our cycle-to-work scheme. We have also recently introduced an EV salary sacrifice scheme in collaboration with Pike & Bambridge, with plans to install electric charging points at our headquarters, the use of which will be free. This making it affordable for employees to move towards an electric vehicle.

We go beyond what is expected from an employer. We distribute regular emails to the team on how we can reduce our climate impact in all aspects of day-to-day life, further enriching our sustainable culture. We are a company that is passionate about helping and encouraging our employees to be more eco-conscious, keeping the conservation of climate change ongoing.

Our office is completely fitted out with sustainable office furniture to avoid surplus furniture from ending up in landfill sites across the UK. Containing recycled desks, seating, storage and screens, our office has been furnished in a way that not only reduces the impact on our local environment but is also cost effective for the business.  

Dean O'Connor, NanoSUN CEO

"We are dedicated to becoming a business that delivers a sustainable impact not only through the development of our technology for the transition to renewable energy, but also through our company actions, values and beliefs. Whilst we aim to be sustainable in the products we deliver, it is vital that we are also sustainable in our processes and our team culture if we are to support a green future for the long term."

Dean O'Connor, NanoSUN CEO

Our ability to commit to reducing climate change both through our product offering (Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station) and our company culture means we are able to action all fronts to stand out from our peers and encourage a strong impact on reducing emissions.

Awards and Certificate's

‘Design & Innovation’ Award Winners 2022

NanoSUN is delighted to win the ‘Design & Innovation’ Award at the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) Awards 2022.

Up against strong competition, with key regional players across the automotive industry shortlisted, the judges were impressed by NanoSUN’s bold approach to addressing one of the fundamental industry challenges of infrastructure in the adoption of hydrogen for the decarbonisation of heavy-duty transport. Judges also recognised the company’s robust approach to industrialisation, with a very clear vision and plan, including secured funding.

Shell GameChanger Certify Pioneer HRS

NanoSUN are proud to have received certification from Shell GameChanger confirming the completion of a successful "proof of concept" of its novel, low-cost, mobile Pioneer HRS.

Winners of the New Energy Challenge 2019.

Judged to be the ‘best start-up’ business in the fourth edition of the New Energy Challenge 2019, NanoSUN was proud to be the beneficiary of vital funding and support from Shell GameChanger, with its Pioneer meeting a key need if hydrogen is to become a prevalent transport fuel.

BIBAs Finalist: Green Business of the Year

NanoSUN are delighted to have been selected as a finalist for the BIBAs 2022 in the category of Green Business of the Year.

The BIBAs are Lancashire’s most prestigious and longest running business awards programme ran by the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.

The awards are a celebration of some of the most exciting companies and entrepreneurs based in Lancashire.

NanoSUN were honoured to be recognised as a worthy contender.

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