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Here you’ll find access to product resources including useful hydrogen tools, technical data sheets and videos.


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Interested in how much hydrogen you can store and how much power this equates to? Our handy calculators allow you to calculate mass stored and refuelling intervals easily.

Mass Storage Calculator

Calculate how much hydrogen you can store in a given vessel at different pressures and temperatures.

Storage Vessel Volume:

Storage Pressure:

Ambient Temperature:

Refuelling Interval Calculator

Calculate the number of hours of operation of your fuel cell given the mass of hydrogen stored.


Power Output:

Fuel Cell Efficiency:

Videos for more information!

Watch a number of NanoSUN's informative videos and find out more about our products and services!

NanoSUN Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station

Take a look at how the mobile Pioneer HRS addresses the challenges faced within hydrogen refuelling and assists in facilitating hydrogen as the core replacement to fossil fuels.
Pioneer Solution

Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station - Technical Overview

See how the mobile Pioneer HRS is easily transportable to any location, with a straightforward set up and easy to use innovative design, promising a simple refuelling process.
Pioneer Application

NanoSUN Pioneer HRS - Decant vs Cascade Refuelling

Watch how the mobile Pioneer HRS' innovative cascade technology offers faster refuel times and performs significantly better than a typical decant approach.
Pioneer Technology
Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station
Product Technical Data Sheet
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