Graham Hodgson

Chairman & CTO

Graham Hodgson

Chairman & Chief Technical Officer

Graham is a successful entrepreneur who has dedicated most of his career to electrochemical engineering in the Industrial Gases Industry, mainly in Research & Development and spin out companies. An inventor and holder of multiple patents, Graham notably became an expert in innovative methods of manufacturing nuclear fuels and fluorine/hydrogen via electrolysis. His work on fluorine led him to spin out that UK Government owned technology into a successful start-up called Fluorogas Limited, which was acquired by Linde for around £10M.

Graham has long been a Chartered Chemist but also holds an Engineering Masters in Advanced Manufacturing. After over a decade with Linde leading their new Fluorine Generator business and developing new Packaged Plants, Graham moved back into entrepreneurial life and founded a new Fuel Cell company offering innovative low-cost solutions where, as Chairman & CEO of that business, he discovered that fuel cell customers were not able to obtain hydrogen fuel at a purity, pressure and price relevant for their applications. This led to his desire to form NanoSUN.

Today, Graham along with his ex-Linde colleague Noel Leeson, is a founder of NanoSUN, where he heads the technical aspect of the business as Chairman & Chief Technical Officer, finding innovative technical solutions to real world customer problems and ensuring rapid growth of the NanoSUN organisation.

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