Jennie Hodgson

HR Director & Quality Manager

Jennie Hodgson

HR Director & COSEC/Quality Manager

Jennie is a conscientious HR professional, who carries a wealth of experience in Human Resources. Having worked in HR as a Police Inspector within the Lancashire Constabulary, handling both Police Officer Recruitment and developing a Performance Related Pay Structure, Jennie brings valuable knowledge of the functions required to implement and oversee employee needs and activities.

Attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and previously Finance & Customer Support Manager at Bramble Energy Limited, a UK start-up company manufacturing low-cost fuel-cell stacks, Jennie brings experience in supporting business ventures within the renewable energy and environmental industries.

Jennie joined NanoSUN upon its formation in 2017. Today she heads up NanoSUN’s HR Department as HR Director, where she is responsible for recruitment, employee-relations policies, training & development implementation and the management of all employee/management communications. As well as being responsible for quality, safety and environment standards, as NanoSUN’s Company Secretary, Jennie also guides and advises the board of directors to ensure the company complies with all the company legal, ethical and environmental rules and regulations.

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