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NanoSUN's Pioneer HRS Case Studies
Is Hydrogen Safe? Hydrogen Refuelling Technology and Vehicles.

There’s been a lot of talk about hydrogen having a leading role in the journey to decarbonising transport and reaching net zero, particularly within the hard to decarbonise sectors such as maritime, aviation and road transport. However, like any other fuel source, there are safety concerns surrounding the use of hydrogen that need to be addressed if we are to accelerate the hydrogen economy within the transportation industry.

This paper takes a look at the various associated dangers of hydrogen and the unique properties that must be considered during the design of a project, particularly hydrogen refuelling technologies and fuel cell vehicles.

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Meeting Hydrogen Demands: Refuelling Methods & Technology

The heavy-duty vehicle sector is progressively being revolutionised by innovative hydrogen technology. Alternative powertrains, such as hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen engines, are becoming more widespread in the effort to decarbonise commercial applications. Vehicle developers and end-users are looking to rapidly introduce hydrogen heavy-duty vehicle fleets across the UK and Europe.

This paper takes a look at the methods most suitable for hydrogen vehicle refuelling and the various technologies available to facilitate the use of these low-carbon commercial fleets upon launch and through long-term establishment.

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