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NanoSUN Invest in Graduate Scheme Within the Hydrogen Industry

NanoSUN Invest in Graduate Scheme Within the Hydrogen Industry
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NanoSUN Invest in Graduate Scheme within the Hydrogen Industry

NanoSUN Graduate Engineers

Graduate schemes provide the ideal opportunity for employers to develop the perfect partnership between their business and its employees. Offering the ability to combine young potential with experienced experts, it enables the business to grow and shape enthusiastic candidates into future leaders and innovators within the company.

That’s why, at NanoSUN, we firmly believe in hiring graduates! We understand that in order for a business to thrive, it’s vital that you acquire the raw potential graduates bring to the workplace and commit the resources, time and experience to ensure their growth and development.

Engineering is the ideal career choice for anyone who has a passion for design, technology and manufacturing. Whilst a university degree will provide all the fundamental knowledge required to kick-start an engineering career, it’s clear that graduate schemes are the vital step into a hands-on, real-world introduction to the engineering industry.

Here at NanoSUN, we’re dedicated to developing the skills and experience of engineering graduates looking to work within the hydrogen industry. With a graduate scheme specifically created to nurture and grow bright, innovative engineers, NanoSUN have implemented a structured program that is designed to cover a range of skill sets and projects focused on hydrogen fuelling solutions over a 2-year course. The scheme’s framework has been carefully constructed to rotate graduates around the various functions and disciplines within NanoSUN’s engineering department and ensure collaboration with all engineering disciplines. This allows and encourages each graduate to mold their career path to their desired area of expertise, whether that be Design, Manufacturing or Research & Development.

Candidates will be consistently supported across the lifecycle of NanoSUN’s products, from generation of requirements and concepts, through to understanding their operation, and will also be assisted in reaching an engineer’s chartership to their relevant institution. Further to this, as part of the scheme, each graduate is assigned an internal buddy along with an external mentor within the industry. NanoSUN feel this is a crucial aspect of the program, as this provides candidates with a point of contact outside their management team that is solely allocated for the purpose of their personal and professional development.

NanoSUN Engineers

NanoSUN is a fast-growing start-up company that provides hydrogen fuelling equipment to the fuel cell industry. The company recently completed its first prototype of a large-scale hydrogen refuelling station – the Pioneer, and is continuing to develop innovative technologies to accelerate the use of hydrogen as a core fuel. A fast expanding company, the current team is made up of highly experienced industry experts coupled with graduate, PhD and post-doctoral engineers and scientists.

Alasdair Fairhurst, Project Engineer and one of NanoSUN’s first graduates set to complete the program this December, shares his experience of the scheme:

“As an early career Project Engineer, the NanoSUN Graduate Scheme provided me with a breadth and depth of experience right at the cutting edge of the zero-emission energy transition. In my first two years at the company, I had the opportunity to co-author two research papers with NanoSUN’s partners at Lancaster University and manage the design and installation of their green hydrogen production facility.”

Keen to start a number of graduate positions in September, NanoSUN are looking for five new Graduate Engineers to join us on our journey of innovation and our mission to bridge the gap between the hydrogen supply industry and the needs of end users.

Having previously recruited a number of graduates who continue to bring valuable qualities to their roles within NanoSUN today, we value the enthusiasm, fresh perspectives and positive attitudes young graduates offer.

Alasdair further comments, “There is no other company currently active in the UK that can provide such a head start in your career! The advantages of working at a start-up really stem from the requirement for all team members to be able to turn their hand to any trade. This provides a fantastic understanding of different disciplines of engineering and enables us to work more effectively as a team. At NanoSUN, you will receive an appreciation for other disciplines and roles in the business, from finance and marketing to the shop floor and design teams!”

Come and join us in our vision for hydrogen to become the major energy vector in a decarbonised world, where Hydrogen fuel and hydrogen fuel cells are increasingly seen as a critical replacement for fossil fuel and as a means of reducing carbon emissions from road transport and industrial applications.  

Read more on what our graduates had to say about the NanoSUN Graduate Scheme:

During my time on the NanoSUN Graduate Scheme, I was able to manage several projects, designing and building small-scale cascade refuellers. I took part in and lead internal HAZOP studies and carried out process & flow modelling to support the development of NanoSUN’s refuelling technology. NanoSUN allowed me to find my area of interest through exposure to many disciplines and supported me in developing my skills and knowledge in those areas.

Daniel Stanley, NanoSUN Development Engineer

My first year on the NanoSUN graduate scheme has given me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience developing solutions for one of the most important challenges facing the hydrogen industry - how to connect hydrogen suppliers to users. Leading teams in developing products ranging from a portable hydrogen drone refueller to a hydrogen tube trailer filling station. The breadth of knowledge that can be gained from working at a rapidly growing company such as NanoSUN is a real asset to developing as an engineer and reaching my goal of chartership.

Callym Munro, NanoSUN Project Engineer

We are a business that encourages new ideas and thrives on originality. To find out more about the various graduate roles available, please visit our Careers page.

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