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Where's Pioneer?

Check out the latest location of NanoSUN’s mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) as we follow Pioneer across Europe and the UK!

NanoSUN is on a journey to provide low-cost hydrogen storage and dispensing for a range of different end user requirements with its mobile Pioneer HRS. See where Pioneer is currently being demonstrated and where the refuelling solution will be heading next to provide customers with rapid, mobile hydrogen refuelling, along with demonstrations at prestigious industry events and exhibitions.

Already having travelled across Germany to deliver refuelling demonstrations with various customers located across the country, Pioneer is now travelling across the UK with further exciting plans ahead.

Take a look at our map below to find out where NanoSUN's mobile refuelling station is currently offering local distribution of H₂ for hydrogen powered vehicles and access more information on where Pioneer will be next.

For more information on Pioneer's capabilities, take a look at the complete Pioneer Solution.

Follow Pioneer
on a journey across the UK and Europe!

The Pioneer Journey So Far!

Pioneer travels across UK & Europe to address the challenges faced within hydrogen refuelling and assist in facilitating hydrogen as the core replacement to fossil fuel.

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people are saying about Pioneer!

Take a look at Pioneer's refuel of the world's first hydrogen double-deck bus!

Pioneer Refuels UK Hydrogen Roadshow with INEOS, Wrightbus and Ryze Hydrogen

First Location: NanoSUN Green Hydrogen Farm, Lancaster

Second Location: Gretna Green, Scotland

Pioneer's refuels world's first hydrogen double-deck bus!

In collaboration with INEOS, Wrightbus and RYZE Hydrogen, Pioneer delivered hydrogen refuelling to the world's first hydrogen double-deck bus developed by Wrightbus. As it made its UK Hydrogen Roadshow journey from London to Glasgow, ready for COP26, the bus undertook two hydrogen refuelling stops facilitated by the mobile Pioneer HRS.

Back home after its popular summer roadshow across Germany, the Pioneer 135 prototype set up in Lancaster to refuel the hydrogen bus on its first pitstop to Glasgow, where NanoSUN presented how its hydrogen refuelling systems works to prestigious guests to highlight a great example of UK manufacturing that is playing a key role in the transition to a low carbon economy.

The Pioneer then demonstrate how rapid deployment of hydrogen vehicle refuelling can be achieved, as it followed Wrightbus on its continued journey to Glasgow, where it set up in Gretna Green, Scotland to deliver another hydrogen refuel. The experience underlined the flexible multi-role nature of the Pioneer, and its significant role in providing volume hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation and hydrogen dispensing in a single easy to use package.

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What's the word on Pioneer!

Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station

Key industry figures are quickly seeing the Pioneer's potential to deliver fast hydrogen refuelling at a low-cost and are already starting to see the benefits of the Pioneer solution in accelerating the energy transition within the transport industry, particularly within the hard to decarbonise sectors,

"An idea becomes reality. Now we need to make these techniques ready for series production and use them to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy without ruining our economy."
(Twitter, @HubertAiwanger, 29/07/2021)

"With our mobile hydrogen refuelling station, we offer a complete 350bar solution for refuelling all types of vehicles. Our system is robust, safe, cost-efficient, flexible and easy to use."
Dr Thomas Perkman, Westfalen Group CEO

"Green Hydrogen is increasingly considered as an alternate sustainable aviation fuel to assist in reaching Net Zero. The use of a bespoke mobile refuelling solution is essential in ensuring the safe transportation and delivery of Green Hydrogen for aviation. We are delighted to partner with NanoSUN to develop a state-of-the-art refueller for the HyFlyer II project."
Nithiananthan Vejayan, Project Manager at EMEC

"Our focus is on delivering green hydrogen to the sectors which are hardest to decarbonise and cannot be solved by batteries alone, principally aviation and heavy duty road vehicles. Our aim is the decentralised production of green hydrogen via electrolysis, co-located with renewable energy generation, with localised distribution using depo-based Pioneer refuellers to refill customer hydrogen vehicles at a price which is comparable to that of conventional fossil fuels".
Will Rowe, Octopus Hydrogen CEO and Founder

"Harnessing low carbon technologies over the coming years will be vital, and it has been incredibly encouraging for us to see first hand the work being carried out by NanoSUN right here in Lancashire towards making hydrogen-fuelled vehicles a common sight on our roads."
Shaun Turner, Conservative Cabinet Member for Environment & Climate Change

Are you looking for a fast, reliable and efficient hydrogen refuelling service? Get in touch with us to find out how we can help with the complete Pioneer Solution.

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The third of a series of articles where we thank our partners for their support, showcasing their unique contribution to the creation of Pioneer.
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Building Pioneer, NanoSUN’s mobile hydrogen cascade refueller, was a joint effort. We set out to build something never seen before: a mobile hydrogen refueller with large storage capacity, at a fraction of the cost of a fixed station, with minimal power consumption and maintenance requirements.
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Building Pioneer, NanoSUN’s mobile hydrogen cascade refueller, was a joint effort. We set out to build something never seen before: a mobile hydrogen refueller with large storage capacity, at a fraction of the cost of a fixed station, with minimal power consumption and maintenance requirements.
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NanoSUN Appointed Under New DPS To Supply Hydrogen Infrastructure
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ITM Motive and NanoSUN Collaborate On Mobile Green Hydrogen Refuelling
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Councillors Visit NanoSUN to Discuss Hydrogen Technology
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Pioneer HRS to refuel Wrightbus’ Hydrogen Bus Ahead of COP26
NanoSUN are delighted to announce the Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) as the selected hydrogen refuelling solution to carry out not one, but two refuels of the world's...
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Pioneer HRS Demos Rapid Hydrogen Vehicle Refuelling at IAA Mobility.
This week the NanoSUN team are present at IAA Mobility in Munich, supporting our partners Westfalen AG with the deployment of the....
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NanoSUN Pioneer HRS Set for Display at IAA Mobility
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Westfalen AG Demo Pioneer HRS to Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport.
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NanoSUN’s Pioneer HRS Heads to Germany for Trials with Westfalen
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Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station
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