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Is Hydrogen Safe? Hydrogen Refuelling Technology and Vehicles.

It’s clear that hydrogen as an energy vector comes with a lot of advantages. Its high gravimetric energy density allows heavy-duty applications, where weight is critical, such as ships, trucks, buses and trains, to significantly reduce the weight of the system compared to current battery-electric solutions. This meaning that hydrogen can, for example, enable the maximisation of a heavy-duty truck’s payload and the range on its single tank. High-speed refuelling of hydrogen powered vehicles is also possible, minimising idle times of vehicle fleets and equipment without needing redundancy of battery storage, as is common for many warehouses utilising battery-powered forklift trucks.

Yet, while the benefits of hydrogen are significant, there are a number of associated dangers that need to be taken into account. Hydrogen is equivalent in safety to other commonly used fuels when handled properly, but the unique properties of hydrogen must be considered, particularly during the design phase of a project.

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