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ITM Motive and NanoSUN Collaborate On Mobile Green Hydrogen Refuelling

ITM Motive and NanoSUN Collaborate On Mobile Green Hydrogen Refuelling
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ITM Motive and NanoSUN Collaborate to Provide Mobile Green Hydrogen Refuelling.

ITM Motive collaborates with NanoSUN

UK developer of hydrogen filling stations, ITM Motive, partners with NanoSUN, a developer of hydrogen distribution solutions, to provide mobile green hydrogen refuelling solutions for automotive applications.

Transport accounts for around one third of all UK carbon dioxide emissions, with a large majority of these emissions deriving from automotive vehicles. Hydrogen is envisaged as a significant element of the future fuel mix for transport, enhancing energy security, reducing oil dependency, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. It allows a wide diversification of energy sources and contributes strongly to mitigating climate change – especially when produced by renewable primary energy sources.

The automotive industry is therefore actively developing hydrogen-fuelled transport including vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks and forklifts. There is an ever-growing number of end user fleets looking to switch to hydrogen fuel for zero emission operation.

A globally recognised expert in hydrogen technology, specifically in-house electrolysers, ITM Motive have a strong reputation for delivering fixed hydrogen refuelling stations. Supplying green fuel cell grade hydrogen capable of servicing fleets of hydrogen vehicles from passenger automotives through to hydrogen buses and trucks. Initial H₂ vehicle deployments are however a challenge, with a trend towards small path finder fleets running just a handful of vehicles ahead of larger scale deployments that can justify full fixed hydrogen refuelling stations.

ITM Motive has therefore placed an order for NanoSUN’s mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) to offer the bridging refuelling solution required for small hydrogen vehicle fleets to kick-start vehicle take-up.

NanoSUN Pioneer HRS

NanoSUN’s mobile Pioneer HRS is recognised as a key component in a local distribution model for building a hydrogen fuel infrastructure for transportation. The Pioneer’s transportable ability, inherent reliability and low-cost offering delivers the ideal solution for in-field and mobile refuelling, presenting a vital steppingstone to enabling the economic rapid deployment of the hydrogen ecosystem.

In collaboration with ITM Motive, the Pioneer will be filled at Tyseley, the UK’s first large scale fuel cell grade green hydrogen production facility capable of fuelling tube trailers and developed by ITM in Birmingham, before being transported to the point of use to deliver refuelling to introductory vehicle fleets. The partnership will further see ITM Motive and NanoSUN work together to ensure future ITM production sites fill and operate the mobile Pioneer HRS to continuously deliver local hydrogen distribution and dispensing until fleets reach such scale that a fixed hydrogen filling station is needed.

NanoSUN Commercial Director, Lee Juby, commented, “The collaboration with ITM motive is a strategically important partnership for NanoSUN. ITM Motive will be developing a mobile solution for end user applications as a bridge to a full fixed station infrastructure. The ITM Motive facilities will also be available to provide a high quality, high pressure green source of hydrogen for all Pioneer customers and users”.

ITM Motive Managing Director, Duncan Yellen, commented, “We believe that fuel cell grade green hydrogen is most economically produced at scale at the point of use. We recognise that in the roadmap to deployment of large-scale refuelling solutions we often need to transition through initial small deployment fleets at multiple locations. The Pioneer is an excellent steppingstone solution as we scale up to cater for fleets of commercial and municipal vehicles”.

Find out more about the complete Pioneer Solution here.


NanoSUN develops hydrogen distribution and mobile refuelling equipment. Based in Lancaster, UK, our vision is for hydrogen to become the major energy vector in a decarbonised world. In order to achieve this, NanoSUN's founders aimed to accelerate hydrogen use with their innovative technologies by bridging the gap between the hydrogen supply industry and the needs of hydrogen users for convenient, low cost, simple-to-use and safe fuelling systems.


ITM Motive owns and operates a portfolio of 12 Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) assets making it the largest operator of HRS in the UK. ITM Motive’s newest site at Tyseley is the largest green hydrogen production facility in the UK and the only site capable of providing zero-carbon hydrogen for buses and HGVs. ITM Motive is a subsidiary of ITM Power (AIM: ITM), the energy storage and clean fuel company which manufactures integrated hydrogen energy solutions for grid balancing, energy storage and the production of renewable hydrogen for transport, renewable heat and chemicals.

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